Saturday, 27 October 2012

2014 falcon, Pt:2

More work on ideas for the 2014 Ford Falcon.
Rear end.
First up, is a rear view, using bits from the Ford Fusion. In line with the assumption that the doors and roof will be largly unchanged, there is only a change to the rear 1/4 panels, and  rear screen. This was done to help blend the rear in, as it needs a shorted boot too work well.

Front 3/4 shot, in G6 and XR versions

My fist attempt, was nothing more then just adding the fusion front to the FG, but this time, I brushed a front on, takeing cues from the Fusion, Madmax concepts and Territory. I added a reverse curve to the flareing on the gaurd. Again, the doors and roof were not touched.
I just had to do a XR version of this!
This time, I took ideas from the RS focus, adding the plastic inserts under the lights, opposed to the traditional "twin light" front of the past XRs. The Grill surround was heavily influenced by the one of the Mad Max concepts.
Broom, broom.


  1. Cool like it though the XR8 could've done with more change to make it that much cooler looking otherwise awesome job

  2. Well done, let's see what the press reports tonight! (Aug 13th)

  3. OMG I hope it won't look like this, that's hideous!!!

  4. After seeing the sneak peeks photos...I was close...need to do some tweaks!